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Beelze-Rub Blazing Spice (3.5 oz.)

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The third seasoning in our lineup is an all-natural blend of peppers and other spices that is naturally gluten free and contains no MSG, food plating or other chemical additives typically found in today’s spice blends.

Beezle-Rub Blazing Spice adds a sweet, smoky heat to any dish. This seasoning can be used as a dry rub for wings and ribs, to liven up your favorite chili recipe, and for blackening fish or chicken. Use Beezle-Rub Blazing Spice to flavor sour cream for tacos and to increase the heat in a bloody-mary. Stir Beelze-Rub into homemade caramel corn as it cools to add a smoky kick that compliments the sweetness. Our favorite way to utilize Beelze-Rub is to dry-rub bacon before frying!

Beezle-Rub Blazing Spice contains the following ingredients:

Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Ancho Powder, Cayenne Powder, Chipotle Powder



No artificial colors or flavors, and no preservatives, additives, fillers or anti-caking agents