Forge Your Flavor!

Our Story

Our founder, and creative mastermind, otherwise known as Dennis, has been experimenting and creating his own custom spice blends for more than 15 years.  His friends and family have enjoyed his creations and constantly told him he needed to 'sell this stuff'.  So in April 2013, he got the opportunity to turn his passion into something bigger when he and his then business partner Chris founded Blacksmith Seasonings, LLC.

They launched the company with what has now become known as our flagship blend--PaPa's All-Purpose Seasoning.  Dennis named this blend in honor of his beloved friend and "papa", Russell.  Because of PaPa's health issues, Dennis wanted to create a blend that was lower in sodium than anything out on the market at the time, but was full of the robust flavors that PaPa craved. The PaPa's All-Purpose Seasoning we all know and love was born!

Over the course of the next year, Dennis started selling PaPa's to local specialty stores and meat markets, set up a booth at several farmer's markets, and Chris began using it as a key seasoning for the food in his restaurant.  During this same time, Dennis finalized two more blends and launched Our Wild Side Game Rub and Beelze-Rub Blazing Spice. Since then, they have added two more restaurants to the list of locations, launched a gift box option, and started setting up Blacksmith Seasonings booths at more specialty shows, craft shows, and winery festivals!  

In the spring of 2016, Chris left the company and Dennis' wife Myra came aboard as co-owner and business manager.  Together, they are excited about the future of Blacksmith Seasonings, and can't wait to introduce more blends and other unique products to the lineup!  

Forge Your Flavor!